Dip and Devour

Dip and Devour

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Located in Greenbelt 5, Ganso-Shabuway offers premium shabu shabu at an affordable price. The interior is cool and quiet with large windows that overlook the trees and lush garden area of Greenbelt. Shabu shabu meaning “swish swish” in Japanese, is a dining tradition that incorporates a large pot of hot broth served with separate raw meats and fresh vegetables.

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The diner can cook their food to their liking on induction cookers directly installed on the tabletops. As a brand originally from the United States, you can expect to find fantastic customer service alongside the premium ingredients at Ganso-Shabuway. They differ from other shabu shabu restaurants by specializing in a large selection of quality beef, for example: All Natural Grass Fed Angus Beef and American Kobe. Typical shabu shabu restaurants use plain water for their soup base, but at Ganso-Shabuway, flavorful and salty wakame seaweed is added complementing their other soup components perfectly. The second option for a soup broth is a delicious and rich spicy miso. Without being too overly spicy, this savory broth is the crowd favorite.

Their complimentary Wheat Iced Tea (Mogi Cha) is perfect for cooling off after a hot pot of shabu shabu. The thinly sliced beef cooks almost instantly and is tender and delicious. Just because they specialize in premium beef does not mean their variety of seafood dumplings are not fantastic. With tasty selections like Kani Crab Sticks and Lobster Ball Dumplings, customers consider this to be the best shabu shabu in town. After stewing your vegetables, seafood dumplings, and beef in the delicious broth, you can kick the flavor up a notch by dipping them into the light and tangy Ponzu Sauce or the sweet and rich Sesame Sauce. This is truly a delicious shabu shabu experience and very different from some of the less flavorful shabu shabu restaurants. So the next time you crave for a healthy, filling, and enjoyable Japanese hotpot experience, treat yourself to Ganso-Shabuway. You will not be disappointed.

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